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I think that all of you will agree with me when I say that I’ve got the best job on the world! Ok, I admit that professional chocolate taster is hard to defeat as the best profession but I’m not far away… :)
I’m just kidding and of course every job has ups and downs, but when you love traveling and taking pictures and when it combines into one, I can hardly complain.
So far weddings took me to a wonderful variety of destinations across the globe, I’ve met fascinating cultures and people, gained wonderful friendships and amazing experiences… This time, the lovely destination was Cyprus. It is one beautiful island rich in culture and history, fantastic landscape of endless beaches and above all full of wonderful and friendly people.
We spent a full week on Cyprus exploring all parts of the island, starting from the beautiful sandy beaches, scented forests and waterfalls, to the ruins of ancient cities. If you want to know how it all of that looks, my private photos can be found here. ;)
Of course, we didn’t only enjoyed swimming in the warm sea and eating vast amounts of fine meze dishes in traditional restaurants… We enjoyed a wonderful wedding also! :)
Actually, the point of this entire post is the wedding of Katerina and Jamie that Mihoci David and I photographed in Cyprus! Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony was held in a small traditional chapel in Greek language. I didn’t understand a single word the priest said, but it was wonderful and unusual experience! After the ceremony all of the guests went to the backyard of a luxury villa located on the beach where a traditional Cyprus dinner was served and a dance floor by the pool opened. The whole atmosphere absolutely astonishing: from the table decorations, romantic candles on the sandy beach, acoustic band that played in the sunset, warm breeze and the crazy atmosphere when the DJ took over the floor. I was specially thrilled by the gift all the guests were receiving, small olive tree planted in a pot!
I believe that you will enjoy every moment of this beautiful couple, also in the shots of their perfect wedding…
I would like to thank Katerina and Jamie for their wonderful hospitality, kindness and excellent advice for places to visit on  the island! Special thanks to all of their wonderful friends! :)

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