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Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer and Videographer, CroatiaWedding in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer and Videographer, Croatia
"Nikol and Fabio have met four years ago through some friends. You can’t say it was love at first sight, however, after several dates they found out that they have a lot of common interests and goals. After a year Nikol and Fabio decided to move in together, quickly realising that they work perfectly well together and make up a great team. Six months later, Fabio [...]

Hvar Wedding Photographer – C&NDestination Wedding in Hvar, Croatia

Hvar Wedding Photographer - C&N
Chantal & Neville are extraordinary and beautiful people who live in the distant Kenya, and have traveled all over the world. For their wedding location they chose the beautiful and sunny Hvar. Hvar is an island full of pleasant scents of the Mediterranean nature surrounded by the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, historical places and towns dating back to Roman tim[...]

Dubrovnik Wedding PhotographerDubrovnik, Croatia Wedding

Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer
  Weddings like this one always remain a special memory to me. Vlatko & Alisa came from New York just to get married in the phenomenal city of Dubrovnik, beautiful city surrounded by walls located in the southern part of Croatia. Dubrovnik is the antithesis of a city such as New York. Throughout history it was a majestic city, naval hub and a home to many[...]

Istria, Croatia Wedding Photographer – A&TWedding in Istria, Croatia

Istria, Croatia Wedding Photographer - A&T
I get more and more fascinated by stories in which two people from different countries and cultures meet each other, kilometers that exist between them just disappear and they become inseparable. I think that all those fairy tales with princes and princesses are boring compared to real life love stories. This is a romantic fairy tale! Ana & Tony are a perfect coup[...]

Split Wedding Photographer, Croatia – K&VDalmatia Wedding Photographer

Split Wedding Photographer, Croatia - K&V
  Kristina & Vladimir, young and charming couple from Russia, decided to have their little intimate wedding on the beautiful hill Marjan that rises upon the historic city of Split. After the romantic ceremony we walked through the forest park and descended into the city. Kristina and Vladimir were radiating with serenity and positive energy, and it was a r[...]

Čiovo Wedding, Croatia – A&GTrogir Wedding Photographer

Čiovo Wedding, Croatia - A&G
  First time on the island of Čiovo, rough sea, wind, wonderful people, a lot of details and emotions. This wedding was truly unique. I met Ana & Grga only two days before the wedding, however our conversation was so natural as if we know each other for a much longer period. They warmly welcomed and offered us homemade traditional dish with some tasteful [...]