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Ibiza Wedding Photographer & Videographer – F&MDestination Wedding in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Wedding Photographer & Videographer - F&M
  I've been coming to Ibiza more often and the island has become one of my favourite destinations where it feels like home. I don't know if it's due to the wonderful climate, good vibes and relaxation which reigns the island or simply breathtaking landscapes, but this island has something more. With every arrival, I'm discovering a new, interesting locatio[...]

Ibiza Wedding Photographer – J&MSpain Wedding Photography

Ibiza Wedding Photographer - J&M
A white wedding and the blue Mediterranean, the perfect villa Fatamorgana on the top of the slope located in the northern part of Ibiza, Hawaiian wedding ceremony, a lot of fun and even more emotions. Janina and Michael are a couple who can be inspiration to any photographer or videographer, and their wedding was truly a wedding that many couples fantasize about.

Ibiza Engagement Session – J&MIbiza Wedding Photographer

Ibiza Engagement Session - J&M
  Ibiza isn’t just a party and entertainment island, and these photographs are just an overture into a perfect wedding that happened on this Mediterranean island between two wonderful people. Janina and Michael simply put just shine together and I can say that I really enjoyed capturing their emotions when they looked at each other until the sunset, which is [...]