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Croatia is famous for its beautiful coastline and numerous islands. Thanks to weddings, every year we visit many beautiful Croatian islands and some of them we especially enjoy. Although the island of Hvar has a place in my heart, my favourite Croatian island is still Vis. It has a special vibe because it is located quite far from the coast and that makes it a little wild and different from other islands. Vis is an island of beautiful stone made fishing towns, pristine nature and spectacular beaches of which a few are considered to be one of the most interesting and beautiful beaches in the world. Near Vis there are some smaller islands, island of Bisevo is one of them which is known for the famous Blue Cave. Besides the beauty of nature and the environment, on the island of Vis you can enjoy excellent cuisine, fresh fish and seafood, especially fresh lobsters. It is also fascinating that the island served as a military island used by the Yugoslav army, the reason you can find many numerous hidden ship bays and the cave of Yugoslav leader Tito.
Biljana and Mislav also agreed that Vis is the most beautiful Croatian island, and therefore it was chosen as the perfect scenery for their Adriatic Destination Wedding with their family and best friends. It was a casual, intimate and wonderful wedding with lots of sunshine and positive emotions. While Biljana was getting her makeup done, Mislav was swimming in the sea next to the house where they were located. When both were ready, we went on a tour of the island to photograph them at the magical places that the island offers, and right after to the old Catholic church in the centre of town Vis for the wedding ceremony. It was truly a perfect wedding in Croatia.

Vis Wedding Photographer Videographer.

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